Iron Studios ThunderCats Battle Diorama 1/10 Art Scale Limited Edition Ma-Mutt Statue

Iron Studios ThunderCats Battle Diorama 1/10 Art Scale Limited Edition Ma-Mutt Statue

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Snarling and baring his fangs, intensely loyal to his master and ready to do his bidding, the robust canine figure with bluish fur and white chin advances over the rocky terrain of somewhere on the planet called Third Earth. Ready to fiercely defend the Black Pyramid, the lair of the immortal priest he serves, and carry out his plans. Iron Studios presents the "Ma-Mutt - BDS ThunderCats - Art Scale 1/10" statue featuring Mumm-Ra`s faithful canine mascot and accomplice.

Resembling a bulldog, Ma-Mutt is Mumm-Ra`s pet and the only creature the evil sorcerer truly trusts and has any affection for. Despite his appearance and inability to communicate by speaking, Ma-Mutt is gifted with great intelligence, able to understand and follow complex plans and represent Mumm-Ra projecting his holographic image to mobilize the Mutants and other allies. In addition, Ma-Mutt can fly, enlarge his size, and assume a form called Ma-Bat, growing giant bat wings on his body. But also, in several situations, he showed the behavior of an average dog, causing mischief to get his master`s attention and demonstrating great affection for Mumm-Ra, a feeling that the Priest of Evil seems to reciprocate.

Product Features

  • 4.40 inches (11.18cm)
  • 1/10 Scale
  • Made of polystone
  • Based on the ThunderCats TV series
  • Highly detailed
  • Hand painted

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