Iron Studios Disney Beauty and the Beast 1/10 Art Scale Statue

Iron Studios Disney Beauty and the Beast 1/10 Art Scale Statue

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A bestial creature with brown fur, horns, claws, and a tail, wearing formal noble attire, gently conducts a romantic dance with a beautiful young woman with long brown hair. The couple in love dance on a base similar to the palace’s floor, followed by another extremely decorated silver base with a celebratory front plaque of Disney’s 100th anniversary. Adding to the line that celebrates Disney’s centenary, Iron Studios present the statue "Beauty and the Beast 100 Years – Disney 100th – Disney Classics – Art Scale 1/10", inspired by Disney’s 30th animated film of theater musical, based on the fairy tale La Belle et la Bête by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, a more than special item for fans and collectors to celebrate and take part on the centenary, made in a limited edition with only 100 units available.

Iron Studios will also release the statue "Beauty and the Beast Deluxe – Disney 100th – Disney Classics – Art Scale 1/10, with a curtain of stars decorating the big stained-glass in the background, and big branches of roses sprouting from marble columns that climb in tendrils, in a set that reminds the ballroom of his palace, with the stairs and red carpet in the front, where the peculiar couple is observed by Lumiere, the castle’s charismatic but rebellious footman, transformed into a candelabra, followed by the butler Cogsworth, transformed into a clock, and the housekeeper Mrs. Potts, and her son Chip, transformed into a teapot and a teacup respectively, with the entire base decorated. And the regular version "Beauty and the Beast – Disney 100th – Disney Classics – Art Scale 1/10", with Belle and her pair dancing over a base that reminds the ballroom floor of Beast’s castle.

In the France of the 18th century, a young and rich, but also cruel and selfish prince, humiliates an old beggar in a cold winter night when she offered him a rose in exchange for shelter. The old lady revealed to be an enchantress of great beauty, and even though he begged for mercy, to punish him for the lack of love in his heart the enchantress cursed him by transforming him into a horrendous beast, and his servants into anthropomorphic household objects. The rose that the enchantress offered him was magic and the spell could only be broken if the prince learned how to love someone and was loved back, but if the last petal of the rose fell, the spell could not be broken anymore. After 10 years, a young book lover called Belle, daughter of an eccentric inventor named Maurice, voluntarily put herself as prisoner of the Beast in the place of her father, after he got lost in the forest and sought refuge invading Beast’s castle and being locked up because of that. With time they started to fall in love with each other, giving Beast’s a chance to break the spell and his curse, and get back to his human form together with his servants.


  • Approx. 9.2 inches (23.37cm)
  • 1/10 Scale
  • Made of polystone and other materials
  • Based on the Beauty and the Beast animated film
  • Highly detailed sculpt
  • Hand painted
  • Non-articulated

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