Iron Studios DC Comics 1/10 Deluxe Art Scale Limited Edition Constantine Statue

Iron Studios DC Comics 1/10 Deluxe Art Scale Limited Edition Constantine Statue

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Protected from the dark supernatural forces inside a circle of mystic flames and candles, the British occult detective with blond hair and stern eyes plays with fire in his right hand, stripped down of resources other than his wide knowledge and boldness, wearing his inseparable brown overcoat, he faces most of his challenges trusting mainly on his cunningness. Chosen by fans through voting during the virtual event Inside Iron Studios, Iron Studios presents their statue of Constantine, the popular and mystic anti-hero, known for breaking rules and doing whatever it takes to fulfill his job.

Protagonist of the comic series Hellblazer by the DC Comics Vertigo imprint, John Constantine was created by Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette and John Totleben, appearing for the first time in 1985 on the Swamp Thing stories. Born in Liverpool, England, with a wide knowledge of occultism, demonology and other obscure subjects, he’s involved with magic since his childhood. As an adult, he acted as a musician in a punk rock band, and in the Newcastle city, still unskilled, he performed an occultism ritual that ended up badly, resulting in the loss of an innocent girl, something that marked him and motivated him to become a Magician. Cursed, and even fooling a demon to escape lung cancer, result of constant smoking, Constantine became an individualistic magician that doesn’t hesitate in insulting angels or doing obscene gestures to demons. One of the main members of the Justice League Dark, a team composed of supernatural member from the DC Universe, he’s a warlock, occult detective and trickster, known for his cynicism, sarcasm and cunningness, but also for being a humanitarian driven by a sincere desire to do something good.

Product Features

  • 9 x 5.5 x 4.7 inches (22.86cm x 13.97cm x 11.94cm)
  • 1/10 Scale
  • Made of polystone
  • Officially licensed by DC Comics
  • Part of the Art Scale Statue series
  • Based on original references and hand-painted

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