Iron Studios Black Panther Wakanda Forever MiniCo Shuri

Iron Studios Black Panther Wakanda Forever MiniCo Shuri

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  • 5.7 inches (14.48cm)
  • Made of PVC
  • From the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever film
  • Stylized design
On a desert beach, with her new Vibranium costume, created based on her own design, the young feline superhero shows her claws ready to face any opponent, be a powerful prince of the seas or any other fearsome supervillain, she embraced the legacy of her brother as queen and protector of her people, using all her talent and scientific knowledge in perfect harmony with the ancestral traditions of her nation. So, Iron Studios proudly present the statue "Black Panther Shuri - Wakanda Forever - MiniCo", over a base with the tribal details around the character and the panther symbol on the front.

When T’Challa, the Black Panther, king of Wakanda, got sick, his sister Shuri tried to synthetically recreate the mythical Heart-Shaped Herb in the hopes of curing him, but he died before that. When Americans were searching for Vibranium under water, they were faced by prince Namor, and Wakanda is wrongfully accused, but all this happened thanks to a Vibranium detector created by a young MIT student called Riri Williams. When figuring this out, since the underwater kingdom Talokan is rich in Vibranium, Namor seeks to eliminate Williams, that was under the protection of queen Ramonda of Wakanda. Namor attacks Wakanda, drowning Ramonda while she saves Williams. Shuri then uses the remaining herb that gave Namor’s people their superhuman abilities to reconstruct the Heart-Shaped Herb, get her superhuman powers, and seek revenge for the death of her mother.

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