Find-A-Collectable Service

What is the Find-A-Collectable service

  •  Struggling to find that one last action figure to complete your collection ?
  • Want to find out the best price on a product that we don't stock ?

  • Have an image of a product but cant find it online ?

You want it, we find it. Just drop us an email and our team who will be happy to help. 

We have a worldwide database of connections, companies, International partners and a buying team with years of experience who can help find the product you desire.

The service is free to use, with optional purchase once we provide a quote and details for the item.

So how do I submit a request ?
You can email us at 

We do the hard work for you and try to find the product.
Once we have a result we send you some details and a quote if you would like to purchase.
Next you decide it you want to proceed or not - No obligations at all.

Please note that this service does not guarantee any stock of the product, we will do our best to try and find available stock but due to factors outside of our control we may not be able to secure all products.