Squishmallows 12" Soft Toy - Denton the Gecko

  • £18.99
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Squish time is playtime when you add Denton the Gecko to your Squishmallows Squad! This adorable and ultra-squeezable, 12-inch, medium-sized gecko plush is made with high-quality and ultrasoft materials.

The soft  plush is perfect to snuggle with while relaxing at home, watching a movie, or taking a long car or plane ride! These lovable and squeezable Squishmallows are the softest and cutest plush toys around! Join the Squad!

Product features:

  • Squishmallows 12" - Denton the Gecko
  • Grow your Squishmallows Squad with Denton, a super soft, collectible medium-sized plush.
  • Bring the fun home with this Squishmallow, made with ultrasoft, high-quality materials.
  • Squishmallows come in a variety of fun personalities, sizes, and colours.

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