Squishmallows 12" Soft Toy - Cherie the Sabre Toothed Tiger

  • £18.99
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Introducing the newest member of the squishmallow gang, Cherie the Sabre Toothed Tiger!

Each Squishmallow soft toy has its own unique style and fun personality that is shown on the hangtag. Cherie is a sweet Sabre Tooth tiger which are now extinct yet remain one of the most famous prehistoric mammals! With a typical spotted beige coat and cute fluffy features she is the perfect snuggle buddy for all ages!

Squishmallows bring the world together through their soft, colourful personalities while providing unforgettable experiences that can be shared with everyone. You don't want to miss adding Cherie to your collection!

Product Features:

  • Contents: 1 x 12" Squishmallows Plush Toy
  • Super soft marshmallow-like texture
  • Perfectly sized for squeezing and cuddles
  • Suitable for all ages!

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