Official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) Retro VHS Light

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  • This multicoloured light takes the shape of a VHS cassette, bringing back memories of a simpler time. Powered by your preferred choice of USB or AA batteries, this Rugrats Rewind Light has the ability to cycle through up to 256 colour combinations and comes complete with its own controller and display kickstand. Designed to look like the Rugrats VHS cassettes of your childhood, Rewind Lights are the perfect retro accessory for your home, office or entertainment room! Retro VHS cassette shaped light. 7 different LED colours included; select the colour you want at the touch of a button. Add a retro talking point to your home or workspace.

- Colour changing Retro VHS Light

- Rewind back to the 90s with colour changing VHS lights

- Change the colour at the press of a button. Lock on one colour or phase through multiple colours

- Unique Retro VHS Style Packaging

- Comes complete with authentic VHS style case

- Perfect for collectors

- USB/AAA battery powered 

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