National Geographic Ultimate Gemstone Dig Kit

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The National Geographic Ultimate Gemstone Dig Kit will have your little archaeologists digging and exploring for hours!


This kit includes an extra-large dig brick that has 20 amazing gemstones hidden inside. Kids aged 4+ will love discovering them all using the included dig tool and brush, and can even get a close-up view of their findings with the included magnifying glass!

A full-colour learning guide will provide them with fascinating facts about each gemstone, and also includes easy-to-follow instructions that will make excavating each gemstone a whole lot of fun!

Contains: 2 x Types of agate, 3 x Types of quartz, Tiger’s eye, Snowflake obsidian, Amethyst, Aragonite, Aventurine, Hematite, Desert rose, Geode piece, Green fluorite, Pyrite, Red jasper, Sodalite, Turquenite, Blue calcite and a Labradorite

Age: 4 Years+

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