Monster Hunter Rise Chibi Plush "Rakna-Kadaki"

Monster Hunter Rise Chibi Plush "Rakna-Kadaki"

  • £39.99
    यूनिट मूल्य प्रति 
चेकआउट के दौरान शिपिंग की गणना की गई

Even suitable for Rachnoiphobics!

Rakna-Kadaki is a hell of a rachnoid, probably the biggest of the spider-like creatures in Monster Hunter Rise. It produces and wears its own silk-like gown to look like a human being, just to attack from ambush.
Beware of her, if she carries her babies with her because harming them would make her really mad. This little plush figure is not disgusting at all, but cute and cuddly.

  • Material: High-quality polyester fabric
  • Size: Approx. 20 cm (8")

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