Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Classics (3) Action Figure Bundle

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This bundle includes : 
1 x Diana
1 x Bobby & Uni
1 x Hank

Hey, look! A Dungeons & Dragons toy! These 6-inch-scale Cartoon Classics figures will have you saying "Wow, neat!" before you're figuratively transported to realms of danger and adventure (because imagination!)… and these collectible figures are transported to your shelf by you buying them and bringing them home.


  • 6-Inch Scale Action Figures: Featuring premium deco & design inspired by the classic cartoon, along with a character-inspired accessory
  • Includes D12 To Build An Exclusive D&D Dice Set: Because we all love dice, right? You'll need this d12 to roll for damage if you're lucky enough to have a magic weapon, or just to look cool next to your matching d20
  • Inspired By D&D 80s Cartoon: When a bunch of kids head to the amusement park they take the ride of their lives and end up in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons
  • The World's Greatest Roleplaying Game: D&D has been delighting nerds, gamers, and voice actors for almost 50 years. These collector figures bring a piece of D&D history to your shelf

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