Eaglemoss Pennywise (IT 1990) Figurine

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IT The Movie was a chilling new dimension in horror.

Enter the world of horror with our 1:16 scale figurine inspired by the iconic movie “IT”.

A sinister force lurks menacingly behind the warm visage of Pennywise, who awakens every thirty years to terrorize the small New England town of Derry.

IT rises from dank, dark places. IT preys on children. IT knows exactly what scares you – and IT never goes away.

Our hand painted Pennywise figurine captures his likeness perfectly.

Captured midway through his monstrous transformation, this version of Pennywise the Dancing Clown captures the version portrayed with palpable villain by Tim Curry in the 1990 TV adaptation of Stephen King’s epic horror novel, IT.

The first adaptation of IT to the screen garnered over 30 million viewers in its premiere, and brought the horror stalking the town of Derry to new audiences across the world. Tim Curry’s Pennywise took center stage, becoming a horror icon for his cackling torment of the Loser’s Club.

The Horror Heroes 1:16 Figurine Collection showcases the most famous fiends in film as hand-painted statuettes, sculpted in metallic resin at 1:16 scale.

Product Features:

  • Terrifying 1:16 scale figurines
  • Hand-painted
  • Height: Approx 12cm
  • Collector-friendly packaging
  • Comes with a display base

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