Iron Studios Mini Co Figure Jurassic World Dominion Blue and Beta

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Running and hunting together, the Velociraptor mother and her baby, a smaller version that looks just like her, continue to discover a new world. As if they were smiling for each other, over a pedestal of rocks covered by snow with the movie’s logo in the front, Iron Studios present the statue "Blue and Beta - Jurassic World: Dominion - MiniCo", with the most beloved dinosaur from Jurassic World and her baby as presented in the trailer of the movie that completes the trilogy.

With an unmistakable blue strip with white contour on her back, over a blue-gray skin, like mother like daughter, they adapt to a new wild and frozen terrain in Jurassic World: Dominion. Faithful to her trainer Owen Grady, Blue is the smartest dinosaur from the group of Velociraptors created by InGen, and one of the most beloved dinosaurs from the saga of Jurassic World movies, getting to do special participation in the Netflix TV series "Camp Cretaceous". Back again in Jurassic World: Dominion, the trilogy’s climax movie, Blue is now accompanied by Beta, her baby, with whom she must show an even stronger protective nature.

A subtle preview of this release was presented in the form of a silhouette during the opening of the T-Rex Kingdom Pizza in the Jurassic Park Burger Restaurant in São Paulo, broadcasted on a special online presentation on Iron Studio’s YouTube channel. And now, revealed on the Inside Iron Studios Day and already available for Pre-Order, Beta and Blue add to the stylized Toy Art MiniCo line as never-seen-before dinosaurs for fans and collectors who wanted to add them together with other Jurassic Park MiniCo statues, or even to begin a new collection. 

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