Thrustmaster USB Flight Stick Joystick Controller

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Looking for a simple yet sturdy joystick for your gaming? The Thrustmaster USB Joystick is a great entry-level joystick with all the controls and precision you need. Its ergonomic handle will fit perfectly in your hand for comfortable gaming.

The joystick moves on 3 axis and offers 4 buttons and a trigger. At the base, there is also a sliding throttle control. The base itself is weighted to provide better stability to the joystick. And on the bottom, there are non-slip rubber pads to keep the joystick firmly on your desk.

The USB Joystick is very easy to set up - simply plug it into your computer's USB slot and you're done. Your PC will set up the controller automatically.

Compatible platforms : PC
Type : Joystick
Connectivity :USB
Colour : Black
Main controller function : Flight stick
Power supply : USB
Other features : Weighted base with non-slip rubber pads
Weight : 1.64 kg
Dimensions : 240 x 165 x 161 mm (H x W x D)

Box contents : 
Thrustmaster USB Joystick
USB 2.0 x 1

Number of buttons :
- 3 axis
- 4 buttons
- 1 trigger
- Thumb throttle

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