Squishmallows 16" Plush - Glady the Ice Cream

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      • Contents: 1 x Squishmallows 40cm - Glady the Ice Cream Soft Toy
      • A super soft, collectible plush
      • Bring the fun home with this ice cream plush
      • Made with high quality materials
      • The perfect snuggly gift!
      • Squishmallows come in a variety of personalities, sizes, and colours
      • These are Original Squishmallows
      • Dimensions: 40cm H

      Squish time is play time when you add 40cm Glady the Ice Cream to your Squishmallows Squad! This beautiful and ultra-squeezable plush is made with high quality and ultrasoft materials. Glady is a rainbow ice cream with chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

      Her job in construction keeps her busy, but she always finds a way to beat the heat! This collectible is perfect for Squishmallows fans of all ages. Squishmallows bring the world together through their soft, colourful personalities while providing unforgettable experiences that can be shared with everyone.

      They come in a variety of sizes, and colours. Each Squishmallows has its own unique name and bio (Each sold separately). They bring joy and a wonderful sense of adventure and companionship to fans everywhere!

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