Marvel Spider-Man Bend and Flex Spider-Man Figure

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One bite from a radioactive spider turns Peter Parker into Spider-Man, a web-slinging super hero with amazing powers and wall-crawling abilities! Twist! Turn! Flex your power! These stylised super hero action figures have bendable arms and legs that can bend and hold in place for the picture-perfect pose! The included Web accessory helps children enhance the pose and play out favourite Marvel scenes. Create berserk battles with the hero adapting and flexing some fancy moves! After all, a good hero (or villain) is always flexible.

Epic fun with twists and turns! This 15-cm Spider-Man Bend and Flex figure has bendable arms and legs that can be twisted and flexed into tons of imaginative poses!

Have fun showing off and twisting this Spider-Man figure into imaginative new action poses. Bend and Flex figures definitely break the mould when it comes to adaptable action poses.

Hold that powerful pose! Each bendable figure also includes a Web accessory to enhance the figure in that perfect pose.

Imagine joining the fight with this Spider-Man figure, with classic design inspired by the Marvel Universe.

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