Loungefly Disney Lilo & Stitch Space Adventure Backpack

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A coin-operated rocket ride provides out-of-this-world adventure for one imaginative duo. Have a blast taking Lilo and Stitch with you as this Disney Lilo & Stitch Space Adventure Mini Backpack. On the front of the backpack, Lilo and Stitch have managed to fly to outer space in the coin-operated ‚ÄúSpace Adventure‚ÄĚ rocket ship.The stars in the background glow in the dark! Lilo is having too much fun to notice that the ride might be a bit much for Stitch to handle. On the back side, planets and stars surround the words ‚ÄúSpace Adventure.‚ÄĚ In fact, the planet and star glow in the dark.

Additional backpack features include vegan leather (polyurethane), adjustable straps, side pockets, an enamel zipper charm, and applique, metallic, embroidered, and printed details. Note the coordinating lining. This backpack is an officially licensed Disney product.

Backpack dimensions: W 22.8 cm x H 26.7 cm x D 11.4 cm (Please note: Width is measured across the bottom of the backpack.)

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