Lord of the Rings Mini Epics The Witch-King SDCC 2022 Exclusive (Limited Edition) Vinyl Figure

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The Witch-king had many weapons and sorceries at his disposal to keep those pesky Wizards at bay.

So mighty were his means that he even put pressure on the renewed Gandalf the White. Paying homage to the epic showdown between these two powerhouses of good and evil, the Mini Epics experts have distilled a portion of the Witch-king's might into our latest collectible.

- Premium, stylised vinyl figure;
- Limited Edition;
- Minion of the Dark Lord Sauron and leader of the Nazgûl;
- Sword wreathed in flaming magic as seen in the films;
- Sculpted by Weta Workshop's Mini Epics Art Director, Mauro Santini.

Size: 9,3 x 18,5 x 9,5 cm

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