Iron Studios Jurassic World Deluxe Art Scale Statue 1-10 Velociraptor

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With an orange coloring similar to a tiger with dark stripes and yellow piercing eyes, he is the first male variant of his species, never-seen-before in the cloned animals. Hunting in packs and highly intelligent, the voracious carnivorous creature with a primitive level of vocalization communicates with other members of his herd, both for directing coordinated hunting attacks and for setting traps for their prey. On a rocky pedestal with grassland vegetation and the movie‚Äôs The Lost World: Jurassic Park logo in the front, Iron Studios present the statue ‚ÄúVelociraptor Deluxe - Lost World - Art Scale 1/10‚ÄĚ one of the most lethal and feared dinosaurs from Isla Sorna.

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