Iron Studios Eternals BDS Art Scale Statue 1-10 Makkari

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Size: 13 x 11 x 21 cm
Projecting her body forward, the silent immortal alien hero bolts with her super-speed in battle both to put humans in safety and to fight against the Deviant creatures.

Having deafness as a characteristic, the sonic boom that accompanies her running while breaking the sound barrier does not affect her. Capable of feeling, acting, moving, and apprehending in seconds or less, much faster than any normal human can realize, her mind is faster than the speed of sound, she can read an entire book in mere minutes, and therefore she can perceive the world around her moving in slow motion. Dressing a red armor in a pose that emulates high speed, Iron Studios bring the statue “Makkari BDS - Eternals - Art Scale 1/10”, with the fastest woman in the universe member of the Eternals team.

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