Iron Studios DC Comics Constantine Art Scale 1-10 Statue

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Protected from the dark supernatural forces inside a circle of mystic flames and candles, the British occult detective with blond hair and stern eyes plays with fire in his right hand, stripped down of resources other than his wide knowledge and boldness, wearing his inseparable brown overcoat, he faces most of his challenges trusting mainly on his cunningness. Chosen by fans through voting during the virtual event Inside Iron Studios, Iron Studios presents their statue Constantine DC Comics Series #7 - Art Scale 1/10, with the popular and mystic anti-hero, known for breaking rules and doing whatever it takes to fulfil his job.

  • Limited edition
  • Based on original references
  • Made in polystone(may contain parts in resin, polystone, PVC, metal and fabric)
  • Hand painted
  • Product dimensions: 23cm x 14cm x 12cm
  • Product Weight: 480 g

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