Hot Toys Spider-Man Homecoming 1/4 Scale Figure Spider-Man

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*please note the images were released before the film so Tom Hollands face was blurred out by the publishers. We can confirm that you do get Tom Hollands face with this product. 

Following a series of events of Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker struggles in returning to his routine life as a high schooler until the Vultures’ arrival gives him the chance to prove himself as a web-slinging superhero. Inspired by Marvel Studio’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sideshow, and Hot Toys proudly present the latest quarter-scale Spider-Man collectible figure with excellent craftsmanship.

Meticulously crafted based on the battling suit given to Peter Parker by Tony Stark, the incredibly detailed Quarter Scale collectible figure features a newly developed masked head sculpt with five pairs of interchangeable eyepieces to create numerous combinations of Spider-Man’s expressions, a newly developed interchangeable head sculpt with likeness of Tom Holland, and a newly developed specialized body stands approximately 43.5cm tall. The figure boasts an expertly crafted, tailored and greatly detailed costume, a pair of magnetically attachable web-wings, an array of accessories including a Spider Drone, projection mapping, a smartphone, a backpack, a Spider-Man mask, a variety of spider-web shooting effect parts, and a LED light-up diorama figure base with two lighting modes inspired by the showdown between Spider-Man and The Vulture.


  • An authentic and detailed likeness of Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • Newly developed interchangeable head sculpt with authentic likeness of Tom Holland as Peter Parker
  • Five pairs of interchangeable Spider-Man eyepieces that can create numerous combinations of expressions
  • Newly developed body with 31 points of articulation
  • Approximately 43.5 cm tall
  • Ten pieces of interchangeable hands with black cobweb pattern
  • Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted
  • One newly developed red and blue colored Spider-Man suit embossed with grayish black trims, cobweb pattern and black spider emblem on chest
  • One pair of red-color boots embossed with grayish black cobweb pattern
  • One pair of black colored web shooter
  • One pair of magnetic web-wings
  • One Spider Drone
  • One GPS projection mapping
  • One smart phone
  • One beige backpack
  • One Spider-Man mask (not wearable on figure)
  • Four strings of spider web in different shapes and lengths, attachable to the web-shooters
  • One open spider web effect accessory
  • A specially designed Spider-Man vs. Vulture fight inspired diorama dynamic figure base features 2 LED lighting modes including general light effect and breathing light effect (battery operated)

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