Harry Potter Deluxe Elder Lumos Wand

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High-quality resin, not plastic, movie accurate wand features an ultra-bright multi-colour LED tip. The colour change of tip is activated by a hidden button on the handle. Scroll through and choose the exact colour light for the spell you’re creating and replicate the wand spells seen in the movies! Use the bonus app to capture images of your spell creations. Film yourself, or other wizards and witches using the wand in low light to produce extraordinary images! Write your name in the sky, draw your own Petronus, replicate duelling battles or practice your best ‘Expelliarmus’, ‘Stupefy’ and ‘Expecto Patronum’ spells! Show the mystery pictures to your family and friends, they won’t believe their eyes! Contents include a spell chart, Elder's Wand with light-up tip, rechargeable batteries and USB charger.

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