E.T. Power Idolz VHS Style Wireless Mobile Phone Charging Dock

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Love the 80s classic about a kind little boy and a whimsical creature from space becoming besties? Why not bag this amazing wireless charging dock before you ‘go home’ which features a design based on the iconic E.T. VHS packaging. Plus, that’s not even the best bit—the fingertip actually lights up! This is officially part of the Power Idolz range, a collectible series of wireless charging docks with designs based on retro packaging of your favourite movies, TV shows and video games.

E.T. phone home? That’s not going to happen if your mobile devices are out of battery! It’s a good thing we’ve got this retro wireless charging dock, featuring a nostalgic design based on the VHS packaging of the 1982 classic—did we mention the fingertip lights up too? Add to your geeky collection and bag yourself this awesome, high-quality collectible series of wireless charging docks, each featuring designs inspired by retro packaging of your favourite films, video games and TV shows.

Power Idolz E.T. Wireless Charging Dock:

  • Official Universal Studios product.
  • Highly detailed model of E.T. VHS retro package with arms and legs.
  • Place on your desk as a standalone model or use to charge your mobile device.
  • Stand your phone up on the model and watch as it gets into character while keeping your battery topped up.
  • Features LED light up fingertip

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