Robosen Transformers Interactive Auto-Converting Flagship Trailer Kit Vehicle For Optimus Prime

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Backup has arrived and is here to fully equip your FLAGSHIP Optimus Prime with the addition of the world’s first auto-converting Trailer and Roller set! Expand your arsenal and defend against the Decepticons by completing the ultimate Optimus Prime experience ever to launch!


Modeled after the original G1 design and measuring at an impressive 3ft (91mm) in height (when fully extended with combat deck grapple-arm), the Trailer auto-converts into maintenance and battle mode by folding open, pivoting upwards, and exposing its massive firepower from within the combat deck. Stationed inside, Roller awaits your command to explore and engage the enemy, all via app control – along with human sidekick Spike, who is ready to jump into action or enjoy the ride!

Seamlessly connect Optimus Prime with the Trailer, and control via app, for the most authentic, awe-inspiring experience. Complete with an illuminated combat deck, Roller & Spike, incredible details, and customized actions – Optimus Prime is complete, with the most premium, interactive set that comes to life with the addition of the FLAGSHIP Optimus Prime Trailer Kit!


- Auto-Converting Trailer & Roller Set
- Trailer measures 91 cm in length
- Fully controllable Roller vehicle with Spike
- Control with app
- 18 servo motors, 60 microchips, over 2000 components

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